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Batch simulations
Scan variable

Batch simulations

mc-set has a feature called batch simulations, that allows you to write a text batch file with details of simulations to be run consecutively, with different parameters for each simulation. This is done using experiment files have all the details (beam, sample, physical methods) necessary for running single or multiple simulation experiments.

Using this method, the experiment is defined using a file (called the batch simulation file, with an extension .sbf). This sbf file has details of any number of simulations to be run, and the different parameters for each of these simulations.

An example of an .sbf file is given in the following image:

MC-SET simulation batch file example


  1. 3 simulations will be run
  2. first simulation will have the standard values (as defined in the experiment) changed: beam voltage set to 25 kV, llz set to 0.25 um and beam X position set to -1.0 um.
  3. second simulation will restore the default experiment values, and then change the beam voltage (only) to 15 kV.
  4. third simulation will change the beam voltage to 5 kV.

The format of the .sbf is that of a text file, using the XML standard for defining the simulations. It is easy to copy and paste additional simulations, using any text editor (like notepad). Using a dedicated XML tool will highlight the various key words embedded in the file, and check also for consistency of the definitions.

Scan variable

A method for running multiple simulations is that of defining a scan variable. This is added to the individual experiment definition file, and specifies a parameter that will be used to run multiple simulations, from a start value, to an end value, using a specified step.

The above scan variable feature is useful for either creating a line scan or a matrix series of experiments, where there are 1 or 2 independent variables, as defined by the scan variable(s) and their range of values.