Obtaining mc-set

Prices and methods of payment

Prices and general information

System type £ (GBP) Life
Standard £ 500
No limit
Long trial £ 100
3 months
Trial Free
1 month
Annual Maintenance £ 100
1 year

All system versions and other documents can be obtained from this web site, from the Downloads page.

All versions are for one workstation (computer), and it will not be possible to install a system in multiple workstations.

All mc-set versions are supported by Internet or e-mail. The standard mc-set systems will be upgraded free of charge during the first year to the latest versions. Upgrades after the first year, without an annual maintenance purchase, will be charged at 20% of the cost of a new system, as in the above pricing table.

A printed manual can be sent, on request. The latest version of the manual is available in pdf format for download in the web site. Please note also that the user manual might be behind the program changes.

An invoice will be sent to the purchaser, either when ordering the software, or after receiving the funds.

Trial versions - free download

Trial versions are full versions that are usable for a fixed period of time, one month usually, but this can be extended if necessary. They are intended for evaluation and for researchers and students that want to get a feeling for the process and investigate its possible use in their work.

To download a trial version you should click on the following Downloads link, which will take you to the download page. Also available to download is a pdf document about the physics and mathematical calculatons used in the simulation.

When you decide to continue using the software, It will be possible to upgrade any existing trial system to a standard or to a long trial version, either after the evaluation version has expired or at any time during this period.  DO NOT UNINSTALL A TRIAL VERSION if you would like to use it later as a standard, or if you would like to extend the trial period.

Payment methods

The above Buy Now buttons use the PayPal payment system. You can use any of the other following methods for purchasing; please check the total amount by pressing the Buy Now buttons above first.

Download the free version for use until the payment clears. After you payment has cleared you will be sent by email the activation codes to change the status of your downloaded version.

Method Link Description and comments
BACS Bank details Direct electronic bank transfer. Please make sure that no transfer or currency conversion charges will be charged to the recipient.


Buy now For payments in any currency, using any credit card. For Paypal, you will need to be registered (or to create a new registration) with PayPal. The Buy Now buttons in the table above use this method.
Post Address

Please send cheques in UK pounds, payable to DLM Enterprises.


Bank details

Bank name: Virgin Money
Account name: Franside Limited
Account contact: Dr E. Napchan
Sort code: 05-02-00
Account number: 29926355

Postal address

Dr Eli Napchan
Franside Ltd
22 Broomsleigh St.
London NW6 1QH